Music To My Ears!

JeremiahMy son Jeremiah is nearing the end of his baseball season and I’m so happy I was here for most of his games. For the next 2 years Daddy gotta go work this music. I’m glad he’s old enough to come out and enjoy the shows with me on the weekends. I told him it’s Hammertime in his lifetime now. Look3X is the bridge between 3 generations of Hammerfans.

The new show will set the benchmark for hiphop and pop entertainment. I go nonstop and incorporate 20 years of world history in the performance. From the cabbage patch, to the running man, to the prep, to goin’ dumb, krump’n and the snap dance. From Let’s Get It Started, to Turn This Mutha Out, and Pray, Too Legit To Quit, It’s a All Good and U Can’t Touch This, I bring the heat. I’m ready. Fourth Of July the digital release of Look3X and I’m blasting off from there.

— Hammertime

715: Congratulations!


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way and have celebrated this historic achievement, we can now move on to the business at hand. The business at hand is a country that still wrestles with old demons that haunt and destroy the progress that we have made here in the land of the free, as a country and as a people. For every man that truly took issue with Barry Bonds surpassing the Babe because he thought Barry had an unfair advantage, I have no issues with you.

My issue is only with the man who couldn’t live with a Black hero overtaking his White hero and him using the steroid accusations to cover his true feelings. I hope that this is a small group and I pray that even this group learns to look beyond race and gender and look to the man and the accomplishment. We have such a great country and there is still a lot of work to be done in race relations, and learning to respect and celebrate our diversity. However, let’s not use baseball as a negative platform to further divide a country that is in the middle of a mid-life crisis. We need to use the game as a bridge of harmony and tolerance. Baseball itself is already a great successful melting pot on the field. Let the game influence society and teach it how to prosper and win as a diverse team. All other issues not related to the game itself should be worked out in other venues. The game represents domestic tranquility. Fields of dreams. Summer romances. Graduations and proms. Ice cream and soda. Hot dogs and popcorn. Pennant drives and World Champions.

Barry, we salute you. Well done. Hank Aaron will now receive the respect and honor he earned and America was not ready to give at the time.

The Babe should have never been the issue. He’s not the home run champ. We do owe Babe for all he did to make the game what it is today. Home Run King? That honor belongs to Hank. What was all the fuss about?

714: A Wonderful Life, Oakland Proud!!


I have been pulling for Barry from day one, to complete the mission and fulfill his destiny
as the Home Run King. It’s so poetic that he would hit number 714 in the ball park and city that I grew up in. I know every blade of grass on tBarrysalute
hat field, every spot of tobacco juice in the dugout and every taste of relish, mustard and sauerkraut on the hotdogs. I know when the temperature will drop to a cold winter breeze on a summer night and when the pop ups
change to home runs from the bay winds. This is My house.

The Oakland Coliseum. The stomping grounds and heroics of Mr. October (Reggie Jackson). Barry, thank you for blessing my house. Perhaps a shadow of things to come. I’m so proud of the Oakland A’s fans. They showed class and respect as they honored Barry with a standing ovation and a curtain call. The Bay Area. We do our on thing and have our own thoughts. The historic moment was received in the manner that all of baseball should receive it. Number 714 hit in Oakland!

What a Wonderful Life indeed.

One bottle down, one to go.