714: A Wonderful Life, Oakland Proud!!


I have been pulling for Barry from day one, to complete the mission and fulfill his destiny
as the Home Run King. It’s so poetic that he would hit number 714 in the ball park and city that I grew up in. I know every blade of grass on tBarrysalute
hat field, every spot of tobacco juice in the dugout and every taste of relish, mustard and sauerkraut on the hotdogs. I know when the temperature will drop to a cold winter breeze on a summer night and when the pop ups
change to home runs from the bay winds. This is My house.

The Oakland Coliseum. The stomping grounds and heroics of Mr. October (Reggie Jackson). Barry, thank you for blessing my house. Perhaps a shadow of things to come. I’m so proud of the Oakland A’s fans. They showed class and respect as they honored Barry with a standing ovation and a curtain call. The Bay Area. We do our on thing and have our own thoughts. The historic moment was received in the manner that all of baseball should receive it. Number 714 hit in Oakland!

What a Wonderful Life indeed.

One bottle down, one to go.


What Up Hammer,

I saw that monster bomb from my field level seat in left field in Oaktown, live!

I knew the moment I heard that “thunderous crack” that that round cylindrical thing they call a baseball was gone and tattooed #714.

For that brief moment – nobody held judgement for Barry but everyone was instead awestruck at the moment.

While I am still on the fence about Barry – it was a moment a baseball fan dreams of witnessing live.

I know I’ll catch flack for this post but being from the Bay Area originally myself, It was an awesome feeling hearing the united chanting of B-A-R-R-Y, B-A-R-R-Y!

Bonds still has an awesome swing regardless of anything anyone says.




Bleh. I’m not rooting for Barry anymore…but he IS still fun to watch.

-The Baseball Collector


“For that brief moment – nobody held judgement for Barry but everyone was instead awestruck at the moment.”

That’s a really great line, Gabriel

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


What Up Michael,





What’s up Hammer,

Also, A’S fans gave another standing ovation to another former Pirate and son of Major Leaguer, Jason Kendall. On his first home run in two years. Plus, another Barry with milestone last night Zito had his 1,000 strikeout. Lastly, don’t forget us you are still part of the Oakland A’S family.


Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan.

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