February 2006

Play Ball!



There’s nothing like the smell and look of spring. The sun
begins to shine through the thinning clouds and the trees and plants start to
blossom anew. The birds start to sing a new joyful song. The sunsets become
vibrant orange and the days become warm.

And somewhere deep in the background of the noise of the towns and cities you
hear the crack of the bat and the sound of the ball. It’s baseball season
again!! There is no place or time on Earth like spring training.

All the teams are potential contenders. Legends and rookies share the same
lockerrooms and field. Hope springs eternal and dreams are one hot streak from
reality. The camaraderie is infectious and there is no time for negativity.
Everyone is pulling for each other because the best players will help the team
win a Pennant and every player wants his team to be as strong as possible.

Then there are the rivalries. The Yankees
and Boston.
The Dodgers
and Giants.
The A’s
and the Angels.
The players who are all characters themselves. Barry Bonds
and his pursuit of Hammerin’
Hank Aaron’s
all time home run record. Roger Clemens and his
continued mastery and domination into his forties.

Comebacks and trades and their impact on this upcoming season. Who has the best
starting lineup? The best pitching staff? The fastest team speed? The best
defense? The best closer? The best DH? The best ballpark? The best manager? Who
will win the batting title this year? The Cy Young? Gold Glove? We have one
month to sort it out and then it’s time to play ball!!

The Hammer







From my Sidekick…