713!!! Go Barry

Barryhits713With his lovely mother in attendance, Barry Bonds hit a majestic shot in Philly on Sunday that — in spite of what came out of their mouths (the sounds of shock and awe) — made you as a baseball fan marvel at that beautiful, historic, explosive swing and ponder the thought of how could a man who only sees two hittable pitches a game have the patience and eye to select the pitch that he could drive out the park and then execute it. Steroids can’t do that. By the way I’m recruiting a bunch of gym rats, all confessed steroid users, and I’m starting a new major league team, any chance we’ll win a game? Forget about it!

I’m proud of the strength of Barry’s Mom as she sits and endures the hate and envy that is showered on her son and yet she maintains her poise and dignity. I know her heart hurts for her son and wonders why he has been made the major league scapegoat. I want her to know that I am preparing to celebrate 714 and 715. I will pause and acknowledge how far we have come as a country. I will remember the civil rights activist and Dr. King. Jim Crow and gentrification will cross my mind. I’m a child of the Sixties so I’ve lived through a unique period in American history. I will think of Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron.

Then will come a giggle and a laugh as I see the Babe’s face. The Babe and I will have a good laugh together because the Babe lived life to the fullest and he would have grabbed a couple of women, a six pack of beer and a half dozen steaks and invited Barry out for a night on the town. The Babe loved hitters. Barry Bonds is arguably the greatest hitter ever!


Hey Hammer:

Appreciate your acknowledgment of how far we have come as a country with regards to race.

I know you don’t agree with my next statement, though: the trouble Bonds is having has nothing to do with race.

Danny Glover said it did last night on the Bonds on Bonds reality show. I believe you said it did in one of your last blgo entries. I know Barry Bonds says it has a lot to do with his color.

Do you think any network on the East Coast would have given Hank Aaron his own reality show in 1974?


Not a chance.

Then, there is the issue: when did Hammerin’ Hank become white?

Bottom line: you p’o the press, and they’ll get you back.

You pose with Victor Conte in some supplement ads, and you’re going to get accused of doing ‘roids. And, you’re going to face a lot of backlash by opposing team’s fans.

Still, I am a proud Dodger fan AND a Barry Bonds fan (believe it or not).

I have often pointed out that Jeremy Giambi (a confessed steroid user) could never hit 50 HRs in a season, let alone 73… no matter if he takes enough steroid to kill an elephant.

And, I am rooting for Bonds to get to 756.

But, I also recognize that Barry has made his bed. So, like anyone else (black, white, whatever) he has to sleep in it.

Barry needs to sit. He is spitting in the face of baseball. What a horrid disgrace he will become instead of the icon he strives to be, which he will never be. He’s a cheat, plain and simple.

What Up Hammer,

Part of me wants to celebrate Barry Bonds achievement when it comes ( I have tickets to the Giants-Oaktown matchup on May 20th) but the other side is disappointed at the message it will send.

Maybe it is because Bonds refuses to admit that he made a “mistake.”

Regardless of race, I truly believe that people disdain Bonds because of his brash attitude and his inability to admit that he made the mistake of using Steroids.

What message will this Home Run event send to kids hoping to be future Major Leaguers?

Kids tend to emulate their heroes no matter what the cost and I hate to think of those youngsters experimenting with steroids to shortcut greatness.

But I also realize that there is a double standard because we have a Governor here in California who is the most notorious former Steriod abuser that people around the world simply adore.


As a minority myself I know that it is not race that is the issue with Bond – It’s about accountablity and asking for forgiveness that will change people’s perspective on him.

Just my two cents – good post – wish you would respond to some of the people who post.

God Bless Hammer!



Barry Bonds has absolutely no respect for this game. Period. I think making this about race is just one more avoidance tactic of Bonds, who is whiny, self-pitying, self-aggrandizing and a diva. Bonds was a Hall of Fame candidate before ever using the juice. As you note, he has an incredible amount of innate talent; he has a beautiful swing and a great instinct for the game. However, you are absolutely in denial if you think that he got that big that quickly at that age just from some weightlifting, and that his game wasn’t elevated as a direct result. The amount of denial that this takes is STAGGERING.

Hank Aaron’s extraordinary achievement should not be undermined by someone who cheats (and as Rob aptly notes: Have I missed something? When did Hank Aaron become white?) If Bonds had any modicum of respect or love for the integrity of this game, he would retire. Now. As a lifelong baseball fan, he appalls me.



Based on Barry’s own testimony, (that he used the Clear and the Cream, but he didn’t know they were steroids,) I think it’s pretty obvious that he used steroids. Now, there is additional evidence that can be found in places like “The Game of Shadows,” but even though I believe that the sources used to write that book were reliable, (otherwise it would’ve taken a ton of people getting together and making up the same story,) it’s not from Barry’s mouth. And there’s no denying that Barry used.

However, steroids make a great hitter a better hitter. Barry was in the Hall before he roided up. But I don’t think Barry would’ve made it to 713 if he never used steroids. I’m not calling him incapable, I’m just saying that if they didn’t help him, he wouldn’t have used them. Perhaps they make that ball that dies 5ft before the wall a home run – but thats all it needs.



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