May 2006

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Life as a former Oakland A’s batboy during the dynasty.

Down the left field line

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BP with Braves at Spring Training

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713!!! Go Barry

Barryhits713With his lovely mother in attendance, Barry Bonds hit a majestic shot in Philly on Sunday that — in spite of what came out of their mouths (the sounds of shock and awe) — made you as a baseball fan marvel at that beautiful, historic, explosive swing and ponder the thought of how could a man who only sees two hittable pitches a game have the patience and eye to select the pitch that he could drive out the park and then execute it. Steroids can’t do that. By the way I’m recruiting a bunch of gym rats, all confessed steroid users, and I’m starting a new major league team, any chance we’ll win a game? Forget about it!

I’m proud of the strength of Barry’s Mom as she sits and endures the hate and envy that is showered on her son and yet she maintains her poise and dignity. I know her heart hurts for her son and wonders why he has been made the major league scapegoat. I want her to know that I am preparing to celebrate 714 and 715. I will pause and acknowledge how far we have come as a country. I will remember the civil rights activist and Dr. King. Jim Crow and gentrification will cross my mind. I’m a child of the Sixties so I’ve lived through a unique period in American history. I will think of Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron.

Then will come a giggle and a laugh as I see the Babe’s face. The Babe and I will have a good laugh together because the Babe lived life to the fullest and he would have grabbed a couple of women, a six pack of beer and a half dozen steaks and invited Barry out for a night on the town. The Babe loved hitters. Barry Bonds is arguably the greatest hitter ever!